Dog Horse Flock Herd. Domesticated Animals.

Dog Horse Flock Herd. Domesticated animals.

Domesticated animals and their relation to man and to his advancement in civilization

It´s an amazing achievment of man the domestication many species of animals such as horses, dogs, sheep, camels and elephants.
In this website we travel throughout the history of animal domestication and see advantages and disadvantages of some of these animals to the human use.

Dog Horse Flock Herd

[01] Domesticated Animals Introduction
Dog Horse Flock Herd. Domesticated Animals.
01 Domesticated Animals Introduction
02 Animals That Can Make You Commercially Successful.
03 So Far As Tested By Literature And History
04 And Which Is The Price Of Success In The Occupation
05 His Position Was Not Noticeably Higher Than That Of His Kindred
06 To Survive Or Perish As He Wills
07 The Dog
08 Can i Have a Wolf In Stead a Dog At Home?
09 Those Which Have Been Longest In Subjugation
10 Dog St Bernard
11 The Fancy For Pets
12 Dog Spaniel Retrieving Wild Duck
13 The Place Of The Dog
14 Cannot Be Trusted Alone With Sheep
15 A Young Shepherd-dog When He Is First Brought
16 Our Breeds Of Dogs Have Deliberate Selection
17 The Breed Of Bull-dogs
18 The Several Varieties Of Hounds
19 Pointers And Setters Dogs
20 The Behavior Of These Dogs
21 In Those Parts Of The Americas Where Peccaries Are Hunted
22 Dogs Were Employed In The Labor
23 The Range In Size Between a Tiny Spaniel Dog
24 The Social Culture Of Dogs
25 The Mind Of Dogs
26 The Fury Of The Primitive Dogs
27 Poodles And Dog Behavior
28 Collie And The Mental Qualities Of Our Highly Domesticated Dogs
29 The Sense Of Number Of Dogs
30 The Dogs Measure Of Capacity
31 The Effect Of Advancing Culture Upon a Dog
32 Can Dogs Understand What We Say?
33 Dogs, The Best Frieds Of Men.
34 Dogs Intelectual Qualities.
35 In The Matter Of Intelligence Cats Appear To Rank Almost As High As Dogs.
36 Cats Like Dogs. Dogs Like Cats.
37 The Horse
38 The First Domesticated Horse.
39 Single-toed Species, Of Which Our Horse Is The Foremost Example.
40 The Horse's Foot.
41 The First Domestication Of The Horse.
42 Aryan And Semitic People And The Horse.
43 Horses In The Line Of Battle.
44 Horses As a Pack Animal.
45 The Mental Peculiarities Of The Horse.
46 Horses Have a Good Memory.
47 Horses Are Strong.
48 Breeding Horses For Saddle Purposes.
49 In The Hands Of The Breeder.
50 Arabian Horse Is Thought To Be The Most Remarkable.
51 Horse Food.
52 Horseshoe.
53 The Horse In Our Civilization.
54 The Donkey As a Help-meet To Man?
55 The Use Of The Ass In The Economic
56 The Mule Is Especially Interesting
57 What Animal Is The Most Inteligent? The Mule Or The Horse?
58 Mules Soon Learn The Difference
59 Machinery Replacing Horse Power
60 The Flocks And Herds Beasts For Burden, Food, And Raiment
61 Educative Value Of Human Labor. Cattle Of India.
62 The First And Simplest Use Made Of The Animals.
63 The Limitations Of The Domesticating Work.
64 Ploughing In Syria.
65 Drawing Ploughs, Sleds, Or Wagons.
66 The Domestication Of Animals And The Civilization.
67 The Variability Of Our Domesticated Bovines.
68 Training Man Has Brought These Species To The State.
69 The Goat To Mankind.
70 Sheep And Goats.
71 The Sheep Is Especially Adapted To Serve Man In High Latitudes.
72 The Camel Is Still Only Partly Domesticated.
73 Camels Carrying The Sugar Cane In Harvest Egypt.
74 Elephants.
75 The Species Of Elephant Which Was Hunted By The Early Men Of Europe.
76 The Mammoth Extinction.
77 The Domestication Of Elephants.
78 The Asiatic Elephants.
79 Elephants Hight Intelligence.
80 Elephants Can Be Trained To Pile Up Sticks Of Timber.
81 Advantages Of Domesticated Elephants.
82 Breeding Elephants.
83 The Elephant Of Africa.
84 The Pig Is Exceptional.
85 Pig Advantages.
86 Breeding Pigs.
87 Pigs Are Not Very Intelligent.
88 Pigs Can Became Intelligent By Training.
89 The Intelligence Of The Pig.
90 The Sagacity Of The Pigs.
91 Domesticated Birds
92 The Barnyard Fowl Has Been Domesticated.
93 Even Against Their Dreaded Enemies
94 The Gradations Of Sounds Have a Range And Fineness Which
95 While The Dog Will Sometimes Become Half Wild
96 They Are Stronger Creatures Than In Their Wild State
97 Gamecocks Are Intelligent Birds.
98 Almost Every One Must Admire The Valor
99 Delivering The Blow Some Feet Above The Surface Of The Ground
100 Contributions From Asia Africa And America
101 The Domesticated Turkey And The Number Of Eggs It Lays
102 The Ease With Which The Turkey Becomes Domesticated Is Remarkable
103 The Largest Of All Poultry The Ostrich
104 In This Field There Are Great Opportunities For Domestication
105 The Sympathetic Quality Of Our Water Fowl
106 The Swan Bird.
107 The Original Wild Rock Dove.
108 The Giant Crowned Pigeon Of India.
109 Pigeons Mail.
110 Pigeons And Its Intimate Relations With Man.
111 What do Birds Like?
112 Larger Hawks In Hunting.
113 Qualities Exhibited By Birds.
114 Birds Win a Measure Of Happiness. Joy Of Life.
115 Useful Insects
116 The Honey-bee.
117 The Dwelling-places For The Swarm.
118 Those Occupied By Pine Trees.
119 The Bee, Like The Other Social Insects.
120 The Mulberry Silkworm.
121 Products Of The Silkworm.
122 The Rights Of Animals
123 The Growth Of The Family Sense
124 The Stages Of This Purely Human Attainment Have Been Slowly Taken
125 Being The Evident Result Of Human Action
126 Prophetic Spirits Have Seen Beyond The Vision Of Their Fellows
127 And This For The Reasons That Many Persons Have Held
128 As In All Other Great Sympathetic Movements
129 Animal Tests May Be Necessary For The Advancement Of Knowledge.
130 Is Horrified To See a Student Dissecting a Living Frog
131 The Question Of Vivisection Is But a Part
132 Our Better Understanding As To Our Place In Nature.
133 Is Part Of The Birthright Of All Sentient Beings
134 The Problem Of Domestication
135 With Every Step Upward In The Organization Of Society
136 Those Animals Which Would Take a Part In Our Industries
137 Ordinary Men Of The Low Grade Are Content To Slay
138 But It Has Served To Arouse And Broaden The Sympathies Given Men
139 Our Cocks And Hens Are The Best Creatures To Rear
140 Dwell In Rural Conditions.
141 Than It At Once Departs More Or Less Widely From Its Ancient Type
142 And One Of The Most Interesting Features Which They Exhibit
143 The Laws Of Inheritance.
144 It Is The Worst Feature Of The Destruction
145 The Work Should Be Done With Two Distinct Ends In View
146 The Frogs And Toads Readily Learn To Recognize a Master
147 Return Domestic Birds To Nature.
148 The Case Of The Pigeons
149 Those Of Ornament Or Of Economy
150 The Brush Turkey And The Bower Bird Of Australia
151 Owing To Their Singularly Perfect Protection Against The Cold
152 In Forming Our Societies As We Are In Time To Do
153 As These Species Are Most Inoffensive As Well As Interesting
154 The Buffalo.
155 As There Is a Large Extent Of Country
156 The Polar Bears Have a Wonderfully Developed Hairy Covering
157 As There Is Good Reason To Believe It Is
158 The Beaver, Particularly The North American Form
159 The Domestication Of The Beavers
160 This Is Particularly The Case In The Continent Of Africa Where
161 If The Elephants Could Be Reared In Captivity
162 Although The Matter Before Us Concerns The Domestication Of Animals
163 And This With a View To The Advantage Which The Arts
164 The Largest Words Are Freighted With Too Little Meaning
165 How To Live Without Destroying The Environment?
166 National Parks And Preservation Of Nature.
167 Accommodate The Wild Life Of a Country On a Relatively Small Piece Of Land.
168 Even In Ideal Reservations Where All Invasions Are Excluded
169 The Native Life Should Be Preserved.
170 Sanctuaries Which May Serve To Protect Life.
171 The Universities Should Have The Power To Preserve Nature.
172 Copyright
173 Safety Warning
174 How To Cite Our Website


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